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Battle of Stamford Bridge Show

24th & 25th Sep 2016 – A fantastic family day out commemorating 950th anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066.

A Brief History

In 1066 the English King Harold Godwinson fought and defeated a huge Viking army here at Stamford Bridge. Although history recalls how Harold lost at Hastings 19 days later; the significance and scale of this battle should not be underestimated, nor the efforts made by King Harold to bring an army here from London (marching 180 miles in 5 days). All this without proper roads or transport – unbelievable even by today’s standards!

Battle of Standford Bridge
Painting of the Battle of Stamford Bridge by Peter Nicolai Arbo (1870), depicting Norwegian King Harald Hardrada hit in the neck by an arrow

The battle has traditionally been presented as symbolising the end of the Viking Age, although major Scandinavian campaigns in Britain and Ireland occurred in the following decades

Sample of Events:

  • Battle reenactment
  • Falconry Displays
  • Weapons Training & Displays
  • Food Demos
  • Stories
  • Archery
  • Music
  • Kings Court

A complete list of events and more info can be found at: stamfordbridge1066.org.uk

The Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society

The 950th anniversary event is organised by The Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society (BOSBHS) who’s aims are to commemorate, celebrate and promote the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 and the Viking and Saxon era of 8-11th Century. The society has recently expanded it’s aims to examine the history, archaeology and social events of Stamford Bridge as a whole.

The society holds monthly talks and meetings throughout the year as well as attending many local events, often in period costume. Major projects include the creation of “The Stamford Bridge Tapestry” to rival those of Bayeux and Fulford and an exploration of the archaeology of Stamford Bridge.