The end of an Era

After 21 years of trading as Monkgate Guest House we have made the decision to retire.

We have had many happy years running this business.

When we came in 1999 there was no internet, social media or email. Everyone booked by phone or letter. Some would come for a weeks holiday in the summer or at Christmas. Others would come for the same event each year like the Ebor Races or the Jorvik Festival. Some have been coming for over 40 years to this same Guest House.

The people who came from aboard would phone at all hours of the night and sometimes arrive at all hour of the night. They would all pay by cheque, travellers cheque or their own currency.

We have hosted weddings, graduations, funerals and military events to name a few. Some people have come for one night, some have stayed on and off for three months working at the theatre, hospital or universities.

We have some very happy memories and have had some very funny experiences!

It is a very different place we are closing in than in 1999…

Thank you to you all for your loyalty and custom. We have enjoyed having you all to stay with us.

Stay well and stay safe.

Best wishes from

Jane & William Brown

Phone: 01904 655 947