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High-Frequency Dewatering Screen

[Introduction]: A multifrequency dewatering screen with large capacity and full dehydration.

[Capacity]: ≤250t/h

[Improvement]: The high-frequency dewatering screen adopts a method of drilling holes on the side of the sieve plate, allowing part of the water to flow out of the hole quickly, speeding up the dehydration speed, and also avoiding the damage caused by water splashing on the motor.

High-Frequency Dewatering Screen


Screen box of Xinhai Mining is riveted overall with high intensity, good stiffness and no thermal sress;

Modularized screen plate and installation with sealing strip make good sealing effect;

Low concentration slurry overflow pipe is put behind to increase the dewatering speed;

The -5° screen surface makes lower water content of the discharge;

The Xinhai wear-resistant rubber damping device makes the screen run stably and durably.


High-Frequency Dewatering Screen

The product adopts a double vibration motor as a power supply: The two motors that rotate synchronously and reversely and centrifugal force is produced by two groups of eccentric block. This makes the screen body periodical to-and-fro moving along the direction of a straight line, which is for dehydration. The screen frame is connected by high-intensity bolts, so the structure is stable and durable.


Model Min. 30% Solid Feeding Slurry Concentration by    Volume Unit Motor Power (kW) X Quantity (set)
Coal Fine Theoretically -0.5+0.1(mm) Specific    Gravity 1.5 Coarse Sand Approxilly- 5(mm) 100%, -0.6(mm)50%,    Specific Gravity 2.7 Fine Sand 90% -1(mm) Specific Gravity 2.7 980 (r/min) 1460 (r/min)
1460 (r/min) 980 (r/min) 1460 (r/min) 980 (r/min) 1460 (r/min) 980 (r/min)
VD6 6~8 10 ~13 14 28 10 21   2 X2
VD9 9~12 15 ~20 21 42 16 32 3X2  
VD12 15 ~19 24 ~30 33 67 25 50 2.6X2 4X2
VD15 30 ~35 50 ~60 63 125 47 94 2.4X4 2.25X4
VD18 35~45 60 ~80 77 153 57 115   3.7X4
VD21 85~100 225 164 15
VD24 95~110 250 190


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