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cyanide process points

2021-08-23 XinHai Views (358)

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Gold Cyanide Process is the main method of extracting gold from the ore and the concentrate in modern time. It includes some basic steps, such as cyanide leaching, leaching pulp washing filter, pulp cyanide solution or cyanide gold extraction and smelting of finished products. Generally, two processes of gold extraction are used in cyanide gold extraction plant of Chinas gold mine. One is based on continuous countercurrent washing in thickener, and the gold is recovered by precipitation with zinc replacement, which is the so-called conventional cyanidation gold extraction process (CCD method and CCF law), the other without filtering and washing, it just use activated carbon to adsorb recovery of gold from cyanide pulp without filtering carbon pulp process (CIP and CIL law method).

According to different materials, conventional cyanidation of gold extraction process is used in two ways, the one is taken into handle the flotation gold concentrate or mercury amalgamation, and tailings re-election in cyanidation plant.

cyanide process points

The Xinhai EPC of Gold Cyanide Process includes:
1. Project engineering design

The project engineering design includes the whole beneficiation flowsheet from the beginning of raw ore plie in the plant to the tailing transportation, general layout drawing, transportation in the plant, electricity power, automation, water supply and drainage, civil construction, foundation, technical economy and so on. The design drawings and documents will be sent to the buyers after the design was finished. This design only includes the gravity separation plant inside. The roads out of plant, the pipeline from the water source area to the plant, outside power system to transformer in the plant are not included.

2.Equipment manufacture and supply
We can supply the whole line of gold leaching plant, including:
a. crushing system
b. grinding and classification system
c. leaching system
d. desorption and electrowinning device
e. gold smelting system

Seller confirms the requested mechanical equipments in the whole plant during the project engineering design. After offer the detailed equipments list to the buyer for the confirmation, the seller produces the main equipments and purchases the auxiliary equipments.
3.Package and delivery
Seller makes a classification package plan for all the kinds of equipments and materials.

4. Installation
(1)Manufacturing and installation of process metal structures of the plant:
Including steel hopper, steel chute, steel platforms for operation and steel support; excluding civil engineering, steel structure platform and steel structure work of the workshop.

(2)Manufacturing and installation of process pipelines of the plant:
Mainly including pipelines of slurry, water, gas and reagent, va es, elbows, flanges and fasteners; water pipelines excluding parts from water source to the plant, tailings pipelines excluding parts from exit of tailings pipe to tailings dam.

(3)Manufacturing and Installation of distribution boards and operation control cabinets, laying of electric wire and cable, lighting fixtures.

If distance between switch house and plant is more than 3m, will be charged in addition. Excluding switch house, including but not limited to transformer, inlet wire, high-low voltage distribution boards in switch house.
The installation work done by seller includes: installation for all kinds of main and accessory equipments of plant, plant electric fitting after transformer or generator, power distribution equipments and lighting system, electric wire and cable, all pipelines of water supply and drainage and ore slurry, nonstandard device manufacturing on site, service platform, handrail and ladders (exclude steel construction).

5. Commissioning

The seller will be in charge of guiding the whole beneficiation plant line machinery without loading and the load test running for achieving the perfect status to meet the design targets and output.

The buyer will undertake the water, electric, steel balls, ore, lubrication oil and grease, cleaning instruments and so on needed during commissioning.
6. Personnel training
Seller trains the buyer’s managers, technicians and operators to operate the equipments and automation system and control the processing independently, and to manage the plant, maintain the equipments and accept the training of safety knowledge; confirm the contents of the item descriptions one by one in accordance with the contract requirements of the project, transfer all the technical documents and deliver the plant to the buyer.